• Coloring Notepad Review

    Coloring notepads became extremely popular in years, and the reason for that is their quite positive effect on humans brain. No wonder, nowadays dozens of adults enjoy coloring pages. What’s the catch? Well, the thing is that the process of coloring can make you relax after a busy day.

    coloring notepad

    Remember those happy days when we were not that bothered with problems? I suppose the biggest issue we stumbled upon was lack of coloring pencils or things like that. Coloring notepads take us to the very same place we enjoyed during our school years.

    Thus far, we checked out different coloring books and chose the best available option.
    Coloring notepad is not actually a ‘coloring book’. It is a notebook of highest quality with dozens illustrations in it. Big and small. It’s leathery cover can satisfy the pickiest customer.

    Fair enough, let’s see what Coloring notepad has to offer.


    Coloring Notepad: What Is It?

    As it’s been said before, this is a notebook with dozens illustrations of different kind. You can do coloring in your free time, during the break or while waiting for somebody in the cafe. In a nutshell, Coloring notepad is a combination of illustrations and blank pages that can be used for notes or sketches.

    Overall, it consists of 176 pages. You get half of the notepad covered with images, and half of it is blank. By the way, all the illustrations (50, to be precise) were made by different worldwide artists. I should say that the designs look very cool and astonishing.

    coloring notepad for adults

    In terms of pages, let’s see what Coloring notepad has to offer. First and foremost, you get pages with illustrations that you can color. These images have lots of tiny details that you can work on. This notebook won’t get you bored, that’s for sure. More to say, you get to color not only single pages. In the notepad you get two-page coloring as well. You will definitely enjoy the designs, they are amazing. Here you can find all the different types of illustrations from small to huge ones with different patterns and themes.

    Secondly, coloring notepad has three types of paper: blank, dot grid and ruled. Pick the type of paper you like the most. For example, you can choose blank paper if you enjoy making sketches, or the ruled one if you like taking notes or write poems. It’s all up to you.

    Coloring notepad has A5 size, so it’s not too big. You can easily put it in your bag and forget about it till the right time comes and you would need to relax for a while. Also, the notepad itself has a leathery covering that is really nice to hold in hands. Moreover, it’s rounded corners won’t get your bag accidentally damaged.

    In the end, you get cool black leathery notepad with various of different nice illustrations.

    What Features Does Coloring Notepad Has?

    Several features were already mentioned, yet this notepad deserves more than a few lines about its fantastic features.

    First of all, look at the variety of pictures that a coloring notepad has to offer. They are truly amazing and unique. When you stumble upon these kind of pictures you cannot avoid picking up a pencil and starting to color. The coloring notepad offers you all kinds of pictures starting from bunch of socks and owls to little stories and patterns. Most of the images have lots of details that you would need to work on, However, if there is a need to finish up a page in a few hours, you can find a perfect image exactly for this amount of time. As you can see, you can find here a picture that will perfectly suit your needs.

    notepad owls

    Of course, the dimensions of coloring notepad are great and very handy. You can carry it around in your pocket (if the pocket is big enough) or in your bag. For instance, if you get cored in a restaurant while waiting for a friend, take your notepad of the bag and start coloring. You won’t even notice when your friend will arrive. Otherwise, you can take some random notes, make a diary out of it or whatever comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to be creative, because that’s the place where you can do whatever you want. Write, draw, create!

    One more feature I would like to mention is the diversity of paper. You can pick ruled paper if you are a writer or simply like taking random notes. Blank pages will suit more for those kind of people who are fond of making sketches. The dot grid option will be a universal choice. Moreover, notepad’s paper is acid free. Thinking of instruments? Go for pencils, you won’t regret. Otherwise, gel pens is an option as well. It depends more on what you like most. Both of the options will work great with the paper.

    Last but not least, coloring notepad has an envelope in the back. You can store all your random notes on random papers, love letters and so on. Save what you want to be saved.

    How Is It Relevant?

    There is no doubt that relevance of coloring notepad is unconditional. Why? Simple. Firstly, it’s dimensions. This notepad is very convenient to carry around. You can take it to the beach and do some coloring. If you are a freelancer and work not in the office, simply take the notepad with you to the workplace: you can relax for an hour and give your brain a break. Even if you are a corporate person, you can take the notepad to work and no one will see it as a coloring book. Why? Just because it’s completely black and looks totally professional.


    Coloring Notepad: The Look

    Coloring notepad has strictly professional look. It means that everyone would see it as a simple notebook for notes. It’s just you who know what kind of notepad it is. Actually, one more element of the design is a yellow bookmark that will help you to remember on which page you are working on right now.

    The notepad goes in a nice paper cover. It is a perfect gift for those who like coloring.


    Here you get three types of paper: ruled, dot grid and blank. First type is ruled pages. It is the best option for those of us who like to write or taking random notes. Second type is dot grid pages. It is a universal option: you can either write, or make sketches. Third type is blank pages. It is a perfect option for designers, artists and people who enjoy drawing. All in all, you will definitely enjoy the paper’s quality and color. It’s not too thick, not too thin and has nic creamy color.


    Illustrations in Coloring Notepad

    Coloring notepad has fifty unique illustrations that were made by number of different artists. You get one-page pictures and double-pages spread. As you can make sure, there are plenty illustrations to be colored. Simply choose a picture you fancy and start drawing.

    Sure, if you have limited time for coloring, pick a simple design. You would need a few hours to finish an image with less details. Take your time, get focused and at the same time relax and enjoy coloring.

    In case you would like to develop creativity, coloring notepad is what you need. Coloring images is a perfect exercise. During the coloring, you learn to pick the right color, you search for colors that will match, you enable your creativity. More to say, this exercise allows you to relax and let your creative part to take over. Actually, during the coloring you may come up with an idea to the issue you were trying to solve for quite a while. Turns out, when your brain is focused on picking the right color, the other half solves other problems.


    Instruments: What to Pick?

    Most definitely, color pencils will go great for coloring images in this notepad. Smooth paper is just made for coloring pencils. You can easily make shading thanks to the smooth and not too thick paper. Yet, if you prefer gel pens, go for them, why not? Gel pens are great in coloring notepads and this one is not an exception.


    How to Purchase Coloring Notepad?

    In a case you enjoyed this coloring notepad, you can order it by following the link: https://coloringnotebook.com/
    Prefer Amazon or Etsy? Not an issue. You can order this notepad and receive it in no time.


    Personal Opinion

    As an author of this review, I would gladly share my personal experience with coloring notepad. First thing that needs to be mentioned is that the whole concept and idea is great. Have you ever seen coloring notepads? I have not. It’s just coloring books and that’s it. Therefore, the concept of combining notebook and coloring book is awesome and great.


    In my opinion, one of the main issues of color books is their size and very typical and boring flowery design. It’s not like you can carry them around and use whenever you want. Even if your bag is big enough for color book, what are the chances you decide to take this kind of book with you? Indeed. Another thing is that all these color books have quite boring designs. After a few pictures you usually decide to let the book behind or to start a new on.


    Coloring notepad is a great combo of color book and notebook. Its A5 size, black hard cover and 50 illustrations make it unique. Picking images with fewer details, you can finish the illustration in no time. Simply go for the one that speaks to your heart. Especially, if you are the one who doesn’t like to leave a picture half-done, this notepad is just for you. Even making shading won’t take lots of your time.


    I chose ruled paper type simply because I adore taking all kinds of notes during the day. Moreover, if you are good with associations, you can pick a particular picture and write your notes that can be associated with it. It seems like a really nice idea.


    How Coloring Pages Can Surprise You?

    Nowadays, coloring notepads are extremely popular and some of us may wonder why. Why a children’s hobby became a massive trend for adults. Turns out, coloring pages have lots of advantages that can affect you in a positive way. For example, scientists proved that coloring pages has a therapeutic influence. It can enhance your emotional state, help you become mindful. Let’s see what else coloring can do to us.


    These days coloring books is a massive trend. However, some people still think that it’s a hobby for a child and nothing more. Yet, scientists proved that coloring has an extremely therapeutic influence. Coloring pages can improve the emotional state, generate wellness and mindfulness. Let’s say, coloring books work like meditation. Learn to meditate is quite hard. Coloring is much easier.

    cat coloring


    Keep Focus On One Thing

    If you live in the 21st century, it’s likely you experience some problems with concentration. Coloring can help you, actually. Keep your focus on one single picture for about a few hours, coloring it. If you do this exercise for a few months, you will see that keeping concentration on one task is not a problem for you anymore. Use coloring pages as a tool that can help in self-development.


    It’s Your Perfect Meditation

    It takes months for some people to learn meditate. It may seem simple, but try to sit still at least for a few minutes and do not think. At all. Tough? I thought so. However, you can sit for a few hours coloring a picture and at one point you notice: there are no thoughts in your head. You are just right here right now focused on making a nice colorful image. In other words, coloring pages helps you achieve similar meditative state of mind. After coloring you may even go for real meditation, who knows. You never know until you try.


    Learn to Finish What You Started

    Another problem a lot of people struggle with is starting something and leaving it undone. In real life it can cause you problems you wouldn’t want to deal with, seriously. That’s where coloring comes in handy. You can start with images that have fewer details, so you can finish them faster and see the result of your work. In time, you can take more difficult images with more details in them. Eventually, you will see the progress you have made by coloring pages. Being able to concentrate and do not lose focus for at least several hours, it’s a very important skill to have these days.

    Find Your True Self

    Sometimes we lose our true self in a routine of everyday life. Sometimes we just need spare time just for ourselves in order to find our true desires, come up with goals and long-term plans. Coloring can give us a new perspective. When you sit on a cozy chair focused on coloring an image, your brain is relaxed. That’s the time when outstanding ideas can appear in your mind. You may never think that what you actually need is just a several hours just for yourself. That’s also one of the ways to solve difficult problems: you simply concentrate on something else.


    Boost Your Creativity

    According to the research, people who spend their time on coloring pages are more creative in picking the elements of interior, wardrobe. Overall, the people who take their time to do some coloring during the week tend to be more creative in an everyday life. More to say, these people improved their analytical thinking that helped them in a work process. All in all, as unreal as it seems, coloring pages can help you improve different aspects of your social life.


    Moreover, other studies show that creative hobbies that you have outside of work help you to be more innovative and a better team player. In turn, those with no creative hobby at all are less productive at work they do. All of these proves that being involved in a creative is important not just for your personal life but for a social one as well.


    It’s More Than Just a Notepad

    To sum up, from time to time we need these distractions from the daily routine. Coloring pages can be the distraction you were looking for. Don’t think that coloring is just for kids, it’s really not just for them. Coloring is for people who would like to get their minds off current problems. Keep your focus on the one simple thin: choose hat color you would like to use for that particular element of the image.


    In other words, take time just for yourself. Give your brain a break. It may seem you try to escape reality, but actually all you do is concentrate on one thing. Take a chance with coloring notepad. It can be a tool you were looking for. Give it a try.

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